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The venue site mentioned here does not mean indoor field or outdoor games, but when you play cheap jordans shoes come into contact with the floor material. In general can be divided into wood flooring, PU plastic flooring, cement floors of these three categories. For movement in the interior of the wood flooring cheap jordans shoes outsole mostly in the shallower arrow pattern majority. Cheap jordans shoes patterned with arrows and one has a greater area of ​​contact with the floor, then one is to provide a strong stability. Suitable for playing outdoor concrete or plastic flooring cheap jordans shoes should consider outsole durability, shock absorbers, shock absorption and grip (especially frequently in people who play the venue PU plastic) are to be considered, you should select outside shading more rough road, and will have a better grip and more wear-resistant.

according to most of the foot choose shoes basketball player demands for cheap jordans shoes is definitely not only stay on top brands. Biomechanical motion characteristics and foot athlete is different, so you have to strike a balance between stability and cushioning, durability and fit. Ideal cheap jordans shoes can make you feel comfortable long, and to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries. No matter what brand, fit is the most important of their own. cheap jordans shoes in addition to good-looking, it is more important to protect our feet do not hurt in motion. In selecting cheap jordans shoes code number on there is little more important, when you try on shoes in a store not too crowded feet. There should be a shoe between your longest toe and the top of the thumb A wide gap, so that the toes can move freely, should be wrapped heel stick, but not tight, so when you exercise foot expansion will not top foot. Be sure to re-measure the length of the foot before the new shoes, because of age and injuries are likely to change the size of the foot. There is the best selling shoes in the winter than the fit is selling half yards, because there are also the natural characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the body, in warm weather, they can increase the half maximum size.
10, laces do not know when choosing cheap jordans shoes have not paid attention over the laces it! ? Is used to enhance the stability of the shoe laces, so the laces also a factor worth considering. Many manufacturers will also increase the stability of the shoe in order to continuously introduce new design lace structure. Now a lot of shoes is the emergence of a more convenient Velcro, this design also reflects travel products humane, children still do not tie the laces is a good choice, and it reached an excellent parcel. A good tie structure can find a suitable comfort, not too loose or too tight, can be more stable in the movement, but hold the feet.

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Breathable uppers are required to use good leather production, which is the relationship between sweat, exhaust problems, but it would be more flexible, as well as leather uppers feature; but a lot of cheap cheap jordans shoes, it’s vamp is probably made ​​of plastic, the relative effect have sent relatively relatively hard. We ordinary people to demand cheap jordans shoes, I feel uppers must be soft, tough, breathable, and then of course you can have the insole (with insoles) in addition to shock, shock-absorbing basic functions, need to consider the material breathable and No, if one piece and other more properly, because, like some people have been infected with athlete’s foot (fungal), and he likes to stretch stretch jump, so the above functions, of course indispensable; breathable and good shoes can reduce foot and after exercise becomes elderly easy peeling problem, greatly reducing the movement of the foot injury for athletes long-term protection of the revolutionary movement of the body.

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The material and the severity of shoes and shoe materials is closely related to the severity, so these two points together, said. In which the material was divided shoes fabric, insole material, outsole material. Is a full leather uppers era has passed, replaced by a lightweight hybrid vamp. This shoe is usually caused by strong, durable leather and a breathable, synthetic mesh flex combination made​​. This high-tech synthetic mesh upper better durability than leather, and its ultra-light materials in a more favorable seed persistence was widely welcomed. Now people in addition to the requirements of uppers wrap the foot also requires its good permeability. Although there is a certain permeability of leather, but for the large amount of basketball, this thing is far from sufficient to meet the needs of the foot breathability, so now many manufacturers of shoe design with a large area of leather as the fabric, coupled with intensive holes. Or a small amount of leather as a package, adding other polyester materials. This not only made ​​with them breathable, more importantly, to reduce the weight of the shoe. Good shoe insole molded from EVA, polyurethane, or a composition of both is made with good cushioning performance and air permeability. Modern cheap jordans shoes outsole more is the use of TPU synthetic material, in addition to its characteristic is lighter and more wear-resistant damping shock-absorbing function. According to personal preferences can now choose different fabrics when selected shoes.

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Including the stability of stability insole parcel, midsole support, support and grip outsole. Right pair of their own cheap jordans shoes required insole own feet to the right, straight stick foot insole, midsole and outsole steady support, not rollover, and have a certain parcel. Strong offensive players and players in a wide range of type of running shoes of this type also tend to be more stability requirements. Stable shoe midsole and outsole which is thinner and closer to the ground, close to wrap your feet grip in acceleration, play a good sense of contact with the ground when the emergency stop. Will give you some comfort and sense of security, so you better play themselves on the pitch.

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Damping basketball player guards and forwards cheap jordans shoes and center is different, more forefoot cushion problems, because they (guards and forwards) does even more than the center several times stop, brake this action. From here Tracing Jiu Li, add that human beings running process, because there is always a period of time – is vacated feet, plus the average person to walk when your feet knees and ankles are exposed to their body weight is 1 to 3 times the load, brisk walking or jogging when he when you need to bear two to five times his own weight, run becomes 3-6 times, but in doing emergency stop jumping dunk (or volleyball jump smash) action when, feet knees and ankles are exposed to their body weight is 6 to 12 times the load; therefore only the invention of air-cushioned shoes to cushion the jump load. So forefoot shock and shock-absorbing capacity also here manifested. There forefoot cushioning shoes can be more effectively relieve the weight of the body falls on his knees, to better protect the knees. The center is to select players with more cushioning in the bottom of it.

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To help low cheap jordans shoes personally think basketball players engaged in physical training alone, it should try to Duantong cheap jordans shoes, jogging shoes, track and field and even suggested that the operation is more appropriate, a simple speed endurance, speed training or jumping exercises, even weight training, wearing a long-barreled basket cheap jordans shoes have become very inconvenient, this is about the cheap jordans shoes high and low to help local differences. As low to help the cheap jordans shoes used in the race is not impossible, but the protection of the poor, is a major killer ankle. Think before we wore back play ball at that time, believe it was twisted and swollen ankles. So cheap jordans shoes low to help carry not recommended for intense training and competition and the usual casual occasions.

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How to choose the basket cheap jordans shoes? Basket cheap jordans shoes What makes a good modern basketball confrontational strong physical contact, injury may occur at any time in our body. Especially the feet, so wear a good pair of shoes will not only be super nice, more importantly protect our fragile ankles. Below and we can discuss how to choose their own pair of cheap jordans shoes.

1 high-top cheap jordans shoes aimed at protecting the ankle joint, basketball players, this is very important, which is like a lot of players do not wear socks before the first bomb stretch to do taping and then put on a long-barreled cheap jordans shoes protection for the same reason; approximately 70% of the athletes will choose this high-top sneakers, because it can provide you with the best ankle support role. Generally high-top shoes fit in the paint against the relatively strong players wear. But compared to the help of the shoe, the high-top shoes to help shoe than the heavier, steering resistance is not ideal. Strong offensive forwards center, this category features of physical contact and more, reversing much, have weight, the required basket cheap jordans shoes should be noted that: uppers strong, shoes wrapped foot, midsole torsion good, good ankle support . High-top shoes more suitable.

2, the help cheap jordans shoes if you are known for speed, change suddenly, interspersed various positions on the field looking for opportunities. If you belong to this type of high shoes and feel great bondage sex, then the help of cheap jordans shoes is the best choice to protect the ankle. The help of cheap jordans shoes more defender and striker wearing, except for the feet have some protection, which better reflect the player’s outbreak of force, and flexibility. Speed-type guard and small forward is characterized by speed, change suddenly. Select the desired basket in cheap jordans shoes should focus on: the shoe light, shoes wrapped feet, outsole should be stable, and forefoot cushioning, focusing on comfort.